I spent four years at the University of Oxford working on a DPhil (PhD) in theoretical quantum physics. Before that, I graduated with an MSci degree from the University of Cambridge. Here you can find the final versions of my theses as well as a list of all my publications.


I like playing Linux sysadmin and I run my own server on which I host all services on the * domains except for e-mail (which I use FastMail for). This includes this static website, NextCloud, GitLab (including test runners), and DokuWiki. I manage all these services through docker containers which provides great security, isolation, and easy management at the cost of some additional work to set it up.


Inspired by tools used at my workplace I wrote my own logger for Python from scratch. The aim of this module is to facilitate and automate the process of writing runtime logs. It is designed to be usable immediately without any setup, but at the same time extensively configurable.


I am a big fan of Emacs. I have written most of my code in it and it is my editor of choice at work. Just like any Emacs user, I have my own set of customisations which you can find here. I re-wrote it from scratch after using Spacemacs for a few months to mimic some of its features whilst being fully customised to my own liking.


As part of my Emacs configuration, I wrote a little package that allowed me to easily split all my customisations into manageable modules. It installs missing packages, removes redundant ones, and runs a custom initialisation function for each module.


Suckless is a community that make "quality software with a focus on simplicity, clarity, and frugality." I occasionally use some of their programs, most notably dwm and st. As is natural for Suckless projects, this involves some customisation and modifications to original source code. You can find my configurations here.